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The Landmark Welcomes Burnley Bondholders

On the 24th of October 2018, The Landmark opened its doors to the Burney Bondholders, allowing the local and influential businesspeople to experience what was for many their first look inside of the tech hub. The Bondholder Breakfast event was an opportunity not only for attendees to see the building since its acquisition by The Landmark, but also hear about the future of Burnley, its digital sector and business growth, and The Landmark’s role in that bright future.

“The talent we have here is exceptional.”

– Mark Thwaite, Digital Lancashire


Upon arrival to The Landmark, visitors were directed to one of the near-finished spaces within the building where refreshments were on offer and information about the site’s artefacts was displayed to demonstrate the rich history of the former grammar school. After this, visitors were welcomed into a state-of-the-art auditorium space, where presentations and speeches were heard. AMS Neve’s Mark Crabtree OBE spoke about the history and importance of the building, as well as the town’s need for a collaborate digital area. Other speakers, such as Mark Thwaite of Digital Lancashire spoke on the local talent and digital sector, before Alan Cross from ESA who talked about delivering space to Burnley. Among these speakers also was Burnley Council’s Chief Executive, Mick Cartledge.
Over the morning’s course, particularly before and after the presentations, visitors were given the opportunity to register for group tours of The Landmark’s incredible premises.


The Burnley Bondholders are a group of local businesses who are influential and passionate about the town’s success and continued development. Their collaborative efforts to promote Burnley and boost its profile has, “ increased confidence in the area and encouraged investment”.


The Landmark is a tech hub and co-working space that aims to create a digital community where businesses can support each other and continue to grow, creating more job and education opportunities locally within the digital sector. The Landmark is set on the former site of Burnley Grammar School, where multiple artefacts that highlight the town’s history reside. The location of The Landmark is significant for many reasons, not least because its ties the town’s digital future to the town’s past, where Burnley excelled as a market town, then a mill town and more recently in the aerospace industry.

Spearheading The Landmark is +24 Marketing’s own David Walker and Mark Crabtree OBE, the founder and managing director of Oscar-winning company AMS Neve.


To book a tour of The Landmark for your business, simply register your interest on The Landmark’s website by filling out the simple form.

Click here to be taken to the registration form! 

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