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LinkedIn Integrates with Vimeo

Video lovers, rejoice! LinkedIn is making publishing videos to the business social media platform easier with a newly-announced Vimeo integration.

The integration, which was announced on the 29th of October, will allow Vimeo users to simultaneously upload their videos to LinkedIn, as well as other social media sites and certain websites. This is also the first end-to-end integration with any video platform that LinkedIn has seen.


How To Use

To publish video content to LinkedIn from Vimeo, upload the video to Vimeo and edit as you normally would, before opening the ‘publish to social’ feature and selecting the LinkedIn option. This will allow you to simultaneously publish video to Vimeo and LinkedIn.


The Benefits

Through this integration, Vimeo users will be able to see video analytics from LinkedIn, giving users the ability to better understand what video content is most effective for them.

Not only does the integration allow users to publish to both platforms easier and access video analytics, both companies believe the integration will increase the engagement and reach of the video content posted.


Video’s Popularity

The popularity of video content on LinkedIn and all social platforms has only increased over time, and is set only to keep increasing. Vertical video (which caters to those using mobile devices, now the most common way to access social media sites) has been used before on platforms such as Spotify and Genius as well as being an individual feature on Instagram, called IGV, with vertical video capabilities having been recently introduced to YouTube. Stories, a concept popularised by Snapchat, are thought to be the reason that vertical video is set to be one of the most common ways to consume video content in the near future.


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