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Instagram Has Updated Its Algorithm – Here’s How It Works

It’s been a few years since Instagram made the shift from chronology-based to algorithm-based timelines, and the Facebook-owned social media giant has taken to changing its algorithm once again. Their new algorithm is bigger and better than before, with one noted added benefit that all versions of the timeline algorithm before it lacked: an actual explanation as to how it works.

The Comeback of Chronology?

The new algorithm does include newer posts, but the chronological timeline is not making a full comeback. Newer posts will be prioritised, but only if they tick all of the other boxes that Instagram’s new algorithm looks for. While some of us may still pray for the return of a fully chronological timeline, at least this more time-considerate update will help reduce the number of instances where you end up accidentally awkwardly commenting on a post from 6 days ago.

Posts of Interest

Instagram will use your previous most liked and engaged with posts to build a profile of the kinds of posts they believe you’d like to see, pushing content that fits that criteria into your timeline more. They will determine if posts will be of your interest based on other posts you’ve liked by using “machine vision” to see if the content of the post is visually similar to other posts you’ve liked.

Friends and Family

Instagram will take how you interact with posts into account and determine your relationship to the accounts you most interact with. If you comment and like most of the pictures on an account and you tag and are tagged by that account in posts, Instagram will assume you have a ‘friends or family’ relationship with that account and put their content onto your timeline more frequently.

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