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Facebook Helps Business Pages

For business pages on Facebook, engagement and reach for posts has been seeing a gradual decline. The recent “business-punishing” algorithm shift could be to blame for this decline, but Facebook is trying to now help businesses claw back their engagement by introducing a set of new features designed to make business pages even better.

Take Action

One way in which Facebook is helping businesses add value to their pages is through the introduction of an action button suite. The buttons will allow page visitors to take actions, such as booking a haircut, ordering an item, sending a message or writing a recommendation.

Buy Tickets

One interesting action page visitors will be able to take is to book tickets to an event. With 700 million people using Facebook Events daily, this very specific tool addition makes sense and will allow users to buy event tickets directly from Facebook.

Information Is Key

Let page visitors view your business hours, prices, menu and more, thanks to Facebook adding more capabilities for sharing business information. Not only can you share and display important information, you can also highlight key services, events and offers that you want page visitors to know about.

Would You Recommend?

Many potential customers or clients rely on recommendations when choosing where to go to obtain a service or purchase a product. Facebook is adding a ‘Recommendations’ tab to business pages. The tab will be located where already existing ‘About’, ‘Photos’ and ‘Posts’ tabs exist, and will include recommendations and reviews of businesses from customers. The recommendations can include images and videos as well as text and will also show up when a business is searched for on Facebook.

Hire Through Facebook

The jobs listing function, which Facebook began testing in 2017, will be expanding to all business pages throughout 2018. The function allows pages to post job listings and use Facebook as a direct recruiting tool. It seems that not only is Facebook trying to help your business reach more people, it’s giving it the tools needed to grow offline, too.

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