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There’s A New Instagram Stories Feature In Town – And It’s Not Stolen

Instagram have stepped up their stories game, and the latest innovation is a feature of their own imagining, and not something they stole from Snapchat, which makes a refreshing change. Blending stories and posts together, the new feature allows you to simultaneously (more or less) add images to your story whilst posting them. Not only that, but you can add other people’s posts to your story and vice versa.


To add your post straight to the story, wait until it’s visible on your timeline after posting, click the paper aeroplane icon next to the like and comment icons under the image and an option reading, “Create a story with this post” should appear, which you then click to add the image to your story.  

When it comes to other people being able to add your pictures to their own story, don’t worry about your privacy. Images from private accounts can’t be added to someone else’s story – only public accounts – and you can turn off the ability of others to add your posts to their stories.

The feature streamlines the process of adding to and promoting new posts in your story, which can only be a good thing, making the user experience for Instagram even better! In the past, Instagram has faced criticism for new features, particularly those ‘lifted’ from other social media platforms (such as taking stories from Snapchat) and the non-chronological timeline update. However, we’re sure this new feature addition will only be received positively by users. 

Instagram stories have become more successful than Snapchat’s, and with features like highlights, which work well when used for businesses and personal accounts alike, it’s not hard to see why. 


The feature is available first to Android app users before iPhone users.


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